• Fuse Link

    Fuse Link

    All the fuse links are made in complete accordance with standard IEC /ANSI . We have differenct type of the fuse link . Type K, T ,H ,D . They assure system protection becuse they are precision manufactured .

  • Grounding Rod

    Grounding Rod

    The body is made of malleable iron .Cotter pin is stainless steel ,the other parts are steel ,all ferrous parts are hot-dip galvanized

  • Grounding Coupling

    Grounding Coupling

    The raw material copper content for the grouding rod clamp is 62 %

  • Tension Clamp

    Tension Clamp

    The wire clamp is applicable to fix samll-section aluminium-spicing wire and steel-splicing wire on the pole,it is made of highly strong aluminium alloy .

  • Suspension Clamp

    Suspension Clamp

    The Clamp body and keepers are malleable iron ,cotter-pin are stainless steel , the other parts are steel ,All ferrous parts are hot-dip galvanized .

  • Dead-end Clamp

    Dead-end Clamp

    Here are two materials of the dead end clamp . 1 . Aluminum covered steel wire 2 . Hot-dip galvanized steel wire

  • Armour Rods

    Armour Rods

    The material is Aluminum Alloy .

  • Brass Part For Cutout

    Brass Part For Cutout

    These brass parts are made of superior Electrolytic copper and zinc and can be Tin plated or silver plated .

  • Fittings For Insulator

    Fittings For Insulator

    All fittings are produced under the forge or casting methord . fittings are assembled with the methord of crimping with high leverl of assurance and they have passed quality test . Mordern and developed machinery and equipment are used for crimping ,with the possiblity of examing the quality of the crimping of the crimping process (by using Sonar Sensors ).

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